Trends in digital label printing

Digital continues to conquer the label printing market

The label printing market is considered one of the market segments that will grow in the future. According to recent surveys, more than 25 percent of new, narrow-web label presses installed worldwide are digital. At the same time, all digital packaging and label markets are booming.

Label converters and commercial printers face an increasing number of print jobs for small to medium editions, which they are expected to produce in ever-shorter processing times. With conventional flexo and offset printing, it is hardly possible to produce such orders profitably. Meanwhile though, they can be processed easily and efficiently thanks to the flexibility of digital printing.

Global Printed Label Market  2009-2019

The latest figures of the marketing research institute Smithers Pira show that the volume of printed square metres in this sector will go up from 4 billion in 2014 to 7 billion in 2017.

Investing for growth and profitability - The role of digital printing in the world of labels

The rapid acceptance and investment in digital printing had a major impact on the rapid growth of label printing, changing the way custom labels are designed and manufactured and how they can be used in exciting new ways, for example wine labels, food labels and water bottle labels.

The story of GrafiPrint

How a digital commercial printer expanded their business with roll-to-roll label production

Enhance your label printing

4 easy steps enabling your business













Short-run label printing in high-quality

Personalise labels & stickers in small batches with AccurioLabel 190


  • Per-minute speeds of 18.9 m, 13.5 m and 9.45 m can be selected to match the media used
  • Colours are processed at a resolution of 1,200 dpi x 8 bit with 256 gradations expressed in 1 pixel
  • Tasks are very easy, that are time-consuming on analogue machines, such as colour adjustments
  • Operation is intuitive by following on-screen instructions; no need for extensive user training
  • The 3-dimensional hybrid structure that incorporates functional polymers provides high performance for all media types
  • No pre-coating of media required
  • Image density control technology
  • Simitri® HD E toner technology
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Digital varnish and foil embellishment

Create premium products and achieve high added value and differentiation with the MGI JETvarnish 3D Web

MGI JETvarnish 3D


  • Web-fed Solution for label printers and flexible packaging producers
  • For in-line 2D and 3D spot UV coating, embossed hot-foiling, die cutting and slitting
  • Offers perfect registration, a speed of up to 42 m/min and the ability to create different thicknesses up to 232 micron for a tactile and embossing effect
  • Higher flexibility, shorter run lengths, faster delivery times and personalization
  • Automatic skew, stretch, contraction and shift adjustment on the fly with the MGI ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SMARTSCANNER (AIS)
  • Metallic, holographic and colored foil from 100 up to 420 mm width can be used
  • Tasks are relatively easy to understand and to implement, which require time consuming and more expensive preparation on traditional embellishment equipment
  • Coated, uncoated and textured paper, film or label self-adhesive labels can be used

Typical Label Applications

Variety of label substrates

Glossy or matt adhesive sticker paper, YUPO, PET, PP. An extended list of supported substrates from the major vendors of self-adhesive media is provided upon purchase of the Label Press.

Labels and stickers can be used on most commonly used self-adhesive materials, like glossy or mad adhesive sticker paper, YUPO, PET, PP.

Your benefits

Change from analogue workflow to digital label printing arrow down

Personalise your output

Konica Minolta‘s AccurioLabel 190 lets you print variable images and text, fully integrated into your digital workflow. Imagine the many ways in which personalised label printing might help your business.

Shorten your lead times

With no pre-press setup time, personalised labels can start printing without delay.


Think about it: Less waste, zero plates used, minimal labour requirements – it all adds up to lower running costs and increased profitability.

Simplify your operation

Digital control is far simpler than that of conventional analogue systems – and you can queue jobs right from your touch screen control panel, making reprints quicker and more cost-effective.

Complementary to your existing presses

The AccurioLabel 190 perfectly complements your analogue and digital production flow, allowing you to shift short runs from analogue to digital, as well as perform load balancing of digitally produced jobs.

want profitable label production in small batches.

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